Pierre Hourcade is a French International Lawyer (i.e. a French Avocat International). He is licensed to practice in Paris, France, New York and California.

As a French International Lawyer and Avocat International, he intervene in issues concerning the laws of immigration to France, the laws of immigration to the United States, but also in the fields of French divorce in France or International divorce in France or in the USA..

He also specializes in business law, real estate law, estates and inheritance.

As an international lawyer, he is authorized to issue a “Certificat de Coutume”, aka. “Certificate of custom” (a custom certificate is required when one or both candidates to a French marriage comes from another country such as the case, for instance, of the marriage between as a French and an American national).

What is an international lawyer and an Avocat International??

He is a lawyer who, like Pierre Hourcade, practices and masters laws of several jurisdictions or several countries. An Avocat International and international lawyer is therefore an asset for a customer whose issues encompass aspects of international law.

Regarding his background, the international lawyer and Avocat International Pierre Hourcade is a member of the Paris Bar, California (Los Angeles office) and New York (New York office).

The international law firm of Pierre Hourcade was established in 1989 and provides a French or foreign clientèle quality and comprehensive legal services at a reasonable cost. He benefits from competences recognized by its peers and intervenes periodically as a consultant, Avocat international and international lawyer in French and foreign media to evoke French or international law.

Our policy is to return phone calls or emails within 24 hours or faster most often.

The main law firm is located in Paris, France.

We also have offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles through correspondent firms. Therefore, you can contact Pierre Hourcade, International Lawyer and Avocat International, via email, phone or fax to each firm depending on your location and the nature of case (Family Law and Divorce Law Immigration France & USA, Business, Real Estate and Heritage, Certificat de Coutume (Certificate of Custom).

As an international lawyer Pierre Hourcade can therefore assist you through a wide range of skills such as those mentioned above.


  • We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and we explain often complex issues of International Law in a clear and concise way.
  • We fulfill our commitments in a timely matter to our customers even if we are subject to delays inherent to the intricacies of French or American justice.
  • Our team is fully bilingual.
  • We assist our clients in connection with their cases from beginning to end, we inform them regularly of the progress of their case.
  • With over twenty -five years of practice, and as an international lawyer and Avocat International, Pierre Hourcade and his team offer a wide range of skills and fees upon which our customer always retain control.

INTERNATIONAL LAWYER-AVOCAT INTERNATIONAL: A summary of our areas of expertise

  • Immigration to France or the USA.
  • International and French Divorce Law, international family Law, custody and child abduction.
  • Business Law and setting up of companies in France and the United States.
  • Real Estate Law and Construction Law.
  • Labor Law. Preparation and analysis of employment contracts in French and English law and in American law. Proceedings before the Labor Tribunal (Tribunal des Prud’hommes), negotiations following dismissal and preparation of settlement agreements. Judicial and extra -judicial negotiations related to the breach of an employment contract.
  • French and American Taxation, International Taxation (we intervene regularly regularly for a Franco-American clientele in order to regularize their situation with the Treasury Public in France and the IRS in the U.S.)
  • Debt collection in France or the USA.
  • Inheritance Law in France or the United States, intervention in the inheritance with the help of a notaire in France or the estate executor for probates in the USA.
  • Criminal Law, Driving license, fines and offenses in France and the United States through our respective correspondent criminal lawyers’ team in various U.S. jurisdictions.

Pierre Hourcade, French Lawyer and Attorney, Avocat International


Pierre Hourcade, French Lawyer and French Avocat in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Miami

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